Frequently asked questions

Getting Started

Will I have to wait a long time after I order my cabinets?

Delivery time varies depending upon the level of pending orders from all our clients. During our slower periods – around the holidays – delivery time can be as quick as 5 weeks. However, during the busy spring/summer/fall remodeling and construction seasons, delivery times can reach up to 13 weeks. Stoll's Woodworking LLC aims at a 6 to 8 week delivery period as optimal. We will help you plan accordingly to keep your project on schedule.

Does Stoll's Woodworking LLC have a showroom I can visit?

Yes … we have a showroom/office at 8779 N 1025 E, Odon, IN 47562. The showroom is not always open during business hours and appointments are preferred. Often, it is best for the first meeting to be at the customer’s house to better design a kitchen that fits with your home, follow-up appointment(s) will then be at showroom to finalize colors and styles. Give us a call to schedule your appointment at (812)-636-4092 or email us at

Do I have to pay to receive a quote and cabinet drawings?

No. We are so CONFIDENT in our products and service, we do not require a retainer upfront. We do require a 50% down payment at the time we put your kitchen into the schedule and begin your order.

How do I pick out my door design and color?

We have some of our door styles available on this website. Check out our portfolio to get ideas on what you like. You will also get the opportunity to come to our showroom and look at our display to help you decide.

I know I want to order cabinets from Stoll's Woodworking, what do I do now?

Our order process page will help guide you through getting your project started

I don't have a cabinet plan, can I get a quote?

Yes, we will need to get some information from you though. A rough sketch with the wall measurements and ceiling height will usually get us enough information to provide a preliminary drawing. Also, be sure to note any windows and doors.

Do you build custom closets?

Yes, we will design and build a custom closet for you home.

What is Provided?

Does Stoll's Woodworking provide cabinet door pulls?

That is totally up to the customer. Most jobs we do, we buy the pulls so we can drill them and install them for you. We have a display in our showroom or you can check out to help you choose. Visit:

Does Stoll's Woodworking provide countertops and sinks?

This is another area that is up to the customer. We would be happy to give you an estimate and take care of everything if you choose to do so.

I want to have accessories in my cabinets. Do I need to find which ones I want?

If you tell us what you are looking for. We can find the item and design your cabinets to work with that accessory. Visit Richelieu to see some of the available accessories:

Will I receive 3D views of my proposed cabinets

Yes, we use Cabinet Vision software to provide you with a very accurate model of what your project will look like.

Cabinet Construction

Are your cabinets durable?

Yes, we don't let anything out of our shop that isn't of the highest quality workmanship.

Are framed cabinets better than frameless?

That is a matter of opinion. In most cases, we will recommend a framed cabinet. A framed cabinet is perfect for a farmhouse style kitchen, or a custom flush inset kitchen. It is a very good product However, many people are into the modern, contempory look now. So if you looking for a simple style kitchen with flat slab doors, we will probably recommend frameless. Many people will say that frameless cabinets are not as durable, but we have found a construction method that we are pleased with and we have no trouble recommending frameless cabinets to people. Both styles of cabinets are very durable. We don't build anything we don't believe is a good product.

Are the cabinet doors and drawers soft closing?

Yes, soft closing doors and drawers is a standard option unless you request to not have them.

What kind of colors do you offer?

We can match any color or stain you would like.

What is a frameless cabinet?

See this video for help on this topic. This showcases how we build our frameless cabinets.